stephanie smith  


Bachelor of Art, Practice of Art (Honors) and Psychology, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, California 




shift<var>, Poetry Center, Sacramento, California (solo exhibition)

Walk the Line, Gearbox Gallery, Oakland, California

Collective Consciousness, The Compound Gallery, Oakland, California
Laserbeam! Technomania!, The Compound Gallery, Oakland, California

Bay Area Digitalists, Root Division, San Francisco, California
Artist-in-Residence Show, Autodesk, San Francisco, California

No Museum’s Pop up Shop, ASC Projects, San Francisco, California
West Coast Craft, San Francisco, California
Degeneration/Regeneration, Loakal, Oakland, California (two person exhibition)
Endograft, Interface Gallery, Oakland, California (solo exhibition)

, ASC Projects, San Francisco, California
Route 50, West Coast Craft, San Francisco, California
Project 387 Open House, Project 387 Residency, Gualala, California
Sculpture in the Garden, Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, California
Process Portrait, Firehouse Collective, Berkeley, California

Winter Salon, Local 123, Berkeley, California. Curated by Alex Case
Yerba Buena Night, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, California
Yield: (v), Headquarters Gallery, Berkeley, California

So Low Show, 
Honors Studio Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California

, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California
First Lessons in Manners, Headquarters Gallery, Berkeley, California

, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California
Ceci n’est pas la sculpture, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California



Prequalified Artist Pool, San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco, California 

Artist in Residence / Commission, Facebook, Menlo Park, California

Artist in Residence, Autodesk, San Francisco, California

Prequalified Artist Pool, San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco, California 

Artist in Residence, Project 387, Mendecino, California

Honors Studio, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California



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Punch Card, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, California. Co-curated with Catharine Clark and Juliann Crisp

Process Portrait, Firehouse Collective, Berkeley, California

Yield: (v), Headquarters Gallery, Berkeley, California. Co-curated with Lisa O’Reilly

So Low Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California

Ceci n’est pas la sculpture, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, California. Co-curated with Daniel Nevers